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3 Simple Requests that Could Change the Trajectory of Your Ministry

3 simple requests that could change the trajectory of your ministry:

  1. Watch the above video and forward it For the Calling of a Generation.
  2. Pray for God to raise up young missionary disciples to go where you can’t go and do what you can’t do.
  3. Give thanks for the women and men who are faithful leaders and servants and shepherds and evangelists and teachers.

Gail and I are so thankful for the faithful ways that you lead and serve. The PLI team regularly prays for God’s provision and protection for you. You’re part of a PLI community that longs to see vibrant communities of faith sharing the Gospel in new pockets and places. Thank you for your partnership. Thank you for your gifts in the United States and around the world.

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2 Responses

  1. Pastor Tom Gudmundson says:

    I am a 2004 graduate of PLI. I am a senior pastor of a large LCMS church and am beginning to prepare for retirement. I have a young associate pastor that we may begin to mentor to succeed me. PLI has changed a great deal since I was in it. Could you please help me understand how PLI could help equip a young pastor with the leadership skills to lead a large church. Also, what are the costs involved with your program today? Thank you for your response.

    • Sarah Greiner says:

      Greetings Tom,

      Thank you for reaching out to us. It’s wonderful to hear that you are working to provide stable leadership in your transition to retirement and beyond.

      My name is Sarah and I work for PLI in communications and marketing. Yes, a lot has changed since you attended PLI in 2004. (My husband Micah and I graduated in 2011 under the same program as you and your wife, Judith.)

      At it’s core PLI’s commitment to training and equipping church leaders remains the same. However, PLI recognizes that the culture is changing rapidly and for churches to thrive leaders need training and investing at the corners of leadership, discipleship and mission. PLI provides this training and investing through five distinct learning communities, each one emphasizes one of the three areas while still including the others.

      Each learning community meets four or five times every six months, often with ongoing accountability and encouragement between each gathering.

      Based on your note, I would recommend that you take a close look at PLI Senior Leader. This learning community trains in the advanced leadership content and techniques needed to run large church organizations. It is designed to raise up the next top level leaders. The cost is $3,500 per year. This learning community lasts two years. Scholarships are available.

      I will email you the specifics of Senior Leader, including immersion topics. I will also forward your information on to Raechel Pfotenhauer in PLI Connections. She is on vacation right now but would be glad to connect with you when she returns.

      Please feel free to reach out with any other questions. Blessings in Christ, Sarah Greiner

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