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6 Energy OUTputs that Could Boost Your Ministry

I’m an enthusiastic plodder. (Find that in Strength Finders!) I distribute leadership energy…strategically. Or, occasionally simply because I don’t know what else to do.

Let me commend 3 from time to time energy OUTputs and 3 energy OUTputs that might return 30-, 60- or 100-fold, if you’re not already doing them.

…and I know you already do 27 other things! (10 of which you drifted into even though it doesn’t match your strengths or passions.)

SO HERE’S WHAT’S UNFAIR. There’s a reasonable chance that the “last thing” you need today is more. You’re drowning. You’ve lost confidence. Life feels like a prison, maybe of your own making. You need to simply skip what’s above and find a person(s) who can carry your mat (Luke 5:18-19) and believe in you and believe for you. In my best “paralyzed moments” I’ve had people carry me and not let go of me. In my worst, I’ve isolated myself…sunk deeper…stayed drowning longer.

So, how about do this, quickly:

  1. Hit the share button to a couple of leaders that you respect that will be challenged or could further challenge you.
  2. Next team or board meeting? Distribute this in advance. Take an energy audit together.
  3. Get a mat carrier who can believe for you for a bit.

PLI has been blessed to train, encourage, and challenge nearly 1000 leaders in the United States and around the world in 2016. Largest ever. We’d love to have you join the PLI family in 2017.

Rev. Dr. Jock Ficken

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