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Senior Leader

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“When you are a senior pastor, most of what you do all week was not covered in Seminary. Everything you know about how to lead and manage pastors, teachers and staff, you probably learned the hard way. As a member of PLI-Senior Leader, you will have the opportunity to learn from a group of true peers for 2 years and broaden your professional network.” Jim Galvin

Imagine gathering in a learning community every six months with like-minded leaders to experience iron sharpening iron for dealing with these kinds of issues. This learning community is open to Senior Pastors, Executive Pastors and executives of other ministries. Through this investment in yourself and in churches, you will learn

  •             Transformational Leadership
  •             Staffing Solutions
  •             Planning and Results

The Learning Community

Your Learning Community journey with PLI lasts two years and includes a total of four immersions lasting four days each. The immersions occur twice a year (approximately every six months).

At the end of every immersion experience, you will leave with an actionable six-month plan to implement at your congregation to incrementally achieve your Spirit-led goals.

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I am seeking to:


 my stamina and energy to lead


 how to inspire confidence in followers


 hiring mistakes and effectively supervise


 more strategically


 existing ministries

Transformational Leadership

In this immersion, you will focus on your abilities to lead. You will look at your stamina and energy and make plans to change your lifestyle to encourage greater ability to serve your ministry. You will grow your ability to inspire confidence in followers. We will discuss ways to recruit volunteers more easily and build cohesive teams that have a large impact.

Staffing Solutions

This time is dedicated to our staff. Our people are often our best resource, and we want to manage them well, so our ministry is the highlight, not staffing issues. You will learn interviewing techniques and be trained to avoid hiring mistakes. We will discuss how to more effectively supervise those who report directly to us. We will learn how to analyze performance problems. The goal is to increase employee engagement, commitment and efficiency, while at the same time growing our effectiveness as a leader.

Planning and Results

In this immersion, you will dig into our current leadership strategies. Are you thinking strategically enough? Does your strategy get in the way of your results? You will be trained to lead powerful planning retreats. You will focus on your weekly planning system and re-tune so that you leave with a practical system that will leave you with a more satisfying work/life balance which you can model to your staff.

Missional Church

This immersion looks at what is going on culturally and how it influences our church. We’ll identify trends and review the latest research on congregational effectiveness. You will spend time discovering new ministry opportunities in your community, and learn how to re-ignite existing ministries. We’ll also explore our awareness of the key challenges to congregational transitioning and ways to overcome those factors.

This Learning Community Includes

2 year learning community with a total of 4 immersions

Gifted, experienced teachers and trainers


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The cost is $3,600 per year


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